Sticky Rice

Sticky Rice is a fine dine sushi restaurant for people looking to eat sushi which is a classic and authentic setup in the heart of South Bombay.

User Experience, Visual Design, Web Design

Balsamiq, Adobe Xd, Adobe Illustrator, Optimal Workshop


Outcomes and Lessons

The second half of the UI/UX Specialization was focused on website design and it's experience. The problem statement was to design a website for a restaurant to provide a service. So, I was

the only person understanding

and designing the app.




Sushi has spread across the world from Japan and is enjoyed all around the world. Sticky Rice is a sushi specialty restaurant located in the heart of South Bombay where people can either dine in or book for a private event. These tasks can be achieved with the help of this website of the restaurant. 

User and Audience

As I had laid down the basic concept and the idea of the restaurant and the website that would be required, I started to set the vibe of the website by selecting the main audience and users of the restaurant. After some research of the area and the people living around there I made the user personas according to the same.


Now as the user personas, user needs and client needs were established. The next step of the process was the layout of the screens and flow of the website.

The website was meant to provide the user with the basic information of the restaurant, book a table and to book the chef for a private event and the customization of the menu for the hire as well.


The first layout of the sitemap setup the basic screens and pages that would make up the app. After this I tested with Optimal Workshop and then tried to improve on it.


After the testing and feedback of the previous tree, I realized that the Private Booking needed an extra login area for better tracking of the booking and later changes and cancellations.


This was a rather small and straightforward project but in this project I did tree testing using Optimal Workshop which was a new and insightful experience. This was also a great way to design a website from a specific field without prior knowledge and researching and working with the constraints of the problem statement. 

Now that the sitemap was finalized, I started onto making the wireframes for the website. I used Balsamiq for wireframing this time around.

The ordering process is laid out separately as it is the most important client need i.e. the main purpose of the website.

After I had completed the wireframes, I started out with the website design, many people prefer the mobile first approach but in this I thought the main users would be booking private hires from Laptops or Desktops so I made the desktop design my priority.

This website must communicate the upscale nature of the restaurant and the authenticity along with feeling familiar to people.

LANDING PAGE - This shows off some pictures of food along with the restaurant to show people the environment and vibe of the restaurant to keep the users engaged.

The landing page starts off with an engaging picture of sushi and on scrolling the landing page begins and has snippets of all the different sections of the website.

November 2019

4 weeks, the length of the course

Booking Process for sushi restaurant Sticky Rice

BOOKING PROCESS- The booking the restaurant for a private event and the customization and the process to provide the user easy access and smooth flow through the website. The following video shows the navigation through the ordering process.

High fidelity Prototypes

MENU & CHEF'S MENU- The website also allows you to explore the menu of the restaurant and also informs the user about the chef and the special menu.

The menu page is a single page screen with a horizontal selection for the different types of sushi.