Pantheon is the annual tech fest of Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra. This case study explores the different aspects of designing the app of this college fest and also exploring some print designs done for the same.



Pantheon is the tech fest of BIT Mesra, it's not the most informal fest but the vibe of the fest is somewhere between formal and informal.


So, the app layout had to convey this same tone and be easy for first time users to understand. The app is generally used only during the fest so the information must be easy to obtain and navigate through. Also, we decided on light and dark themes as the fest goes on throughout the day so the user the set the theme accordingly for better readability.

Some Print Designs

User Experience, Visual Design, Print Design

Adobe Xd, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator

September 2019

For this app design, I only had a week to finalize the design for development


Every year Pantheon has it's own mobile application which provides the people participating in the fest with information about different events and guest lectures taking place during the fest, and the leaderboard of the fest championship is continuously updated during the fest.

Users and Audience

The users of this application would to be engineering college students who were going to be part of tech fest - Pantheon. The students aged between the ages of 17-23, use their smartphones generally to access the web and get their information. Basically we were designing an app for students like us to get the timings and venues for the different events during fest.

To start the process, I, along with the team of developers sat down and started to brainstorm and sketch out the basic wireframes and to decide the user flow of the application.  

Sketches and Flow

The Pantheon'19 app was great success as the students were quite happy and could easily understand the app, but some people also thought the app was too static and needed some dynamic elements.


I really enjoyed working on this app as it was the first time I had the opportunity of working with developers and handing off my design to them for development. It was a great learning experience and it was so great to see the designs I made out there being used by people.

As we were low on time, I had to make the high fidelity prototypes directly on the basis of these sketches we had chalked out.

HOMEPAGE - The homepage contains all the links to other pages and it provides all that without scrolling for easy and faster access. As the app would be used for quick reference for timings and venues.

FLAGSHIPS - The flagships are the main events of Pantheon'19. So, these had their own separate pages with a horizontal scroll so as to focus well on all the different flagships.

EVENTS & GUEST LECTURES- The cards for the events and guest lectures provide complete information about when and where the events are thus the user gets information without opening the list as the app will be used for short intervals during the fest to get the information at a glance.

EVENTS DESCRIPTION- The description provides the complete detail of the event and the points offered right on the top for easy reference for the users.

High fidelity Prototypes

All in all Pantheon'19 was a new and great experience. I worked along with some great designers and developers which made Pantheon'19 a great overall project.

Outcomes and Lessons

The complete app is minimal and is designed keeping in mind that the app is used during the fest and to get quick information and without too many design elements.

During Pantheon, I was not only responsible for the app but also responsible for other things like poster and flex designs as well. Here are some of the print designs that I did. 


I was part of the Core Design Team from which I was the only member working on the user interface and experience for the Android App along with a team of three developers.